Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Our plans come unstuck!

There isn’t a ferry to Sicily until 4 days’ time! So we had to do a rapid rethink and I’m writing this on board a ship to Naples. It is a 17 hour voyage and it is more of a roll on roll off freight ship than a ferry. There are only 15 cars, a campervan, 12 foot passengers, 6 motorcycles and one bicycle on board, but lots of truck trailers with containers, tankers or open freight. When we get to Naples tractors will pull the trailers off the boat so they can be connected up to prime movers and continue on their journey. The ship is fairly old and shakes, rattles and vibrates a lot. Our cabin is basic, a bit worn but clean. There is a lounge, bar and self-service cafeteria. Gail was a bit perturbed by the ferries we have taken so far so this is right outside her comfort zone, 17 hours on the open sea in a rattling comparative rust bucket.

When we bought the ticket we thought it was a normal ferry and assumed it would have a shop on board where we could buy a map of northern Italy as our map doesn’t go far enough north, but of course there is no shop on board this ship so we can’t even plan where to go when we land. What an adventure, I love it. Time for another red wine or two.
A reasonable night’s sleep. Breakfast of cappuccinos and apricot filled croissants. Sunny sky and flat sea.

We’ve decided to go south from Naples and try to find Herculaneum and Pompeii. The only map we have is very small scale so navigation may be a challenge. Then we’ll head for the Amalfi Coast.
approaching Naples

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