Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Update on Seydisehir

After a shower and a nap we went for a walk round town and to a cafe for tea and baklava . This is a relatively prosperous town, presumably because of the aluminium plant and the employment that is associated with it. There is a very high rate of late model car ownership and relatively few scooters . The motorcycle shop near the hotel stocks bikes and scooters that are small capacity, 125 or 149 cc, but they are all upmarket models.

Again everyone seems to live in apartments, but even the ones in the town centre seem to be in good condition and the shops are full of more upmarket goods than we have seen in other towns of this size.

I may have mentioned before that in Turkey almost every house has solar hot water. That applies also to apartment blocks. Look at this one as an example. There appears to be a separate unit for each apartment.

When I put the name of this town in a search engine I found an article on Turkey's booming economy and the recent massive expansion of this town's aluminium plant was given as an example of what is underpinning it. Turkey has plenty of bauxite and so is reducing its reliance on imported aluminium. It is also expanding its exports of goods like solar panels and has a relatively large well-educated young population and is expected to continue to do well despite the financial woes of it's European neighbours.

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