Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ulysses Club AGM, Mildura

Got back late yesterday from a week away on the Suzuki DL650 V-Strom. We went to Mildura in the state of Victoria for the National AGM of the Ulysses Club, the social club for motorcyclists over 40 years of age. Just under 4,000 members turned up for the week long event that surrounds the actual 2 hour AGM.

It was about 3000 km for the round trip, which took us through contrasting terrain, from the twisty roads of the Snowy Mountains to the flat landscape of the Hay Plain and the scenic Murray Valley.
 We used our usual packing plan for the panniers, top box and tank bag and had plenty of room. Once again we took too many clothes and brought half of them back unworn. We’ve made a note of it for Europe.

On this trip we tested a cheap Motorader bluetooth helmet intercom system. It works quite well though it does have a few quirks and scratchy sound and I have ditched the complicated mounting system and fixed the units to the helmets with velcro patches. It is more convenient than the basic Autocom system we have used previously, with all its cables and having to carry a bulky charger to recharge the 9v batteries each night.

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