Friday, 9 March 2012

The route
I’ve been spending the rainy days pouring over maps, studying the guide books and reading ride reports on, plotting routes around the countries we’ll be visiting and making notes of places to visit. We’re not usually as prepared as this, normally we just get on the bike and ride, but it’s given me something to do while the weather is too wet to get the bike out.

This map shows a simplified version of our proposed route in red. Previous bike trips are in blue and black (rough approximations of routes taken). There will be lots of detours and diversions to see the sights. Whether we stick to the plan depends on the weather and other factors and if I we really like a place we’ll hang around for longer. France we’ve been to on a motorcycle twice before, so we’ll probably shoot through there pretty quickly, though we’ll definitely see the MotoGP race at Le Mans. Hotel near Le Mans already booked.

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